10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online from Websites

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legitimate ways to make money online

There is no secret to Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online from Websites. Anyone can make money from his website through a normal process and an excellent strategy. You can even take this job as your profession if you have the desire and enthusiasm.

Many people in our country create websites. Some for the company, some to sell their own products/services. Some even use their skills and experience to teach others.

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1. Affiliate Marketing

The most popular way to earn money from your website is affiliate marketing. This means earning a commission by selling another company’s product to visitors to its own website. Affiliate models of almost all the major marketplaces and eCommerce companies in the world are open. You can take the opportunity to promote their products if you want. You can write articles with information about different products or services.

If you think that visitors to your website can purchase a product by clicking a link from your website, then you can start affiliate marketing. Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, ClickBank are some of the well-known companies whose affiliates are earning millions of rupees.

Affiliate Marketing

2. Selling your own product

If you have a product made by yourself, it is also possible to sell it through your own website. Suppose you have your own eCommerce website where you can list and sell a variety of products to visitors. If you want, you can create different information based content to attract your visitors to buy your product/service.

You can also sell your own digital products like ebooks, video courses to your visitors.

Sell Your Own Products

3. Google AdSense

Visitors to your website are not always obliged to buy the product/service you specify. If you find that your visitors are not interested in buying products from the links you provide, then they come to your website repeatedly to read your articles, then you can also earn through Google AdSense. That means you can make money by showing Google ads.

You can submit your website to Google if the content of your website is standard and deemed acceptable by Google. Google will test your site and allow you to display Google ads.

Lots of people around the world have chosen to earn through Google Ads as a full-time job. In addition to Google AdSense, there are many other ad publishing networks such as Media.net, Propeller Ads Media, etc.

Google Advertising

4. Selling Advertising Space

Once your website has become very popular and you start getting a lot of regular visitors, you can sell advertising space or ad slots on the website. Different brands will be interested in advertising their company on the banner of your website or on the right/left side and will bargain directly with you. In this way, you can make a good income from the website.

5. Sponsor Post

Many people may be interested in writing reviews of other companies or products on your website. If your website gets good visitors from search engines and the authority of the site is in a very good position, then it can be said that you can accept sponsored posts at a fairly good price. Many big websites in the world are making a lot of money every month just from this sponsored post. Many websites earn from  40 or  50 to  500 or for 1,000 per sponsored post.

Sponsored Content

6. Visitor Grants

Content on your website helps visitors in many ways. In that case, you can put a donation system on your site if you want. Any of your visitors can voluntarily donate money there. This is also not as bad as a source of income from your website.

Visitors Donation

7. Lead Generation

In addition to selling products or displaying ads, you can also generate leads for other companies on your website. Lead generation means collecting some data or information from your visitors. Many companies or marketplaces will pay you a certain amount for this lead generation. It is a very popular medium as it collects only names, phone numbers, emails, zip codes without selling anything.

Some of the popular CPA networks for lead generation are Maxbounty, Pearfly, CPA Grip, etc.

Lead Generation

8. Creating an Email Subscriber List

You can create an email subscriber list to give your site visitors updates on your latest content. And you can email all these email subscribers about the various products/services you want. Email subscribers are called Owned Media because you can show the subscribers of this list any content you want.

There is a saying in the internet marketing industry, The Money is in the LIST!

List Building

9. Selling links

Once your website’s domain authority, page authority, and regular good visitors start coming, you can monetize them by placing links to other websites related to your site. The role of quality backlinks is great to do well in search engine optimization. So other websites will only come to buy links from your website for the benefit of search engines. You can bargain to sell “Contextual do-follow Backlinks” to them.

Link Building

10. Website sales

Just as we hear about the sale of various stores in our daily life, websites are sold in different marketplaces on the Internet. If your website consistently earns at least / 400/500 in a few months, then you can sell that site at least 20/25 times more. This means that if your website earns an average of $ 500 in the last 7/8 months, then you can sell this site for  500 * 20 = (10,000 (approximately). If your site’s revenue is higher then it is possible to sell at 30 to 40 times higher price!

In order to sell your website, you have to list all the information on the site in the marketplace and mention the details and proof of income. Their buyers can bid by looking at the information on your site. You can also bargain with them if you want. https://empireflippers.com https://www.flippa.com/ is quite popular among some such marketplaces.

Website Sell


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